KS2 Logo FinalWelcome to the new home of Kristi McDowell. Er, me. I’m not going to write this in the third person. That’s crazy.

I write a comic called Gamer Girl & Vixen. It’s a lesbian supervillain romance comic featuring two college girls who find love on all the wrong rooftops.


Like many writers, I attribute my humble beginnings to the internet. I met Gamer Girl & Vixen co-creator Sean Ian Mills on a fan-fiction roleplaying website. For nearly a decade, we honed our superhero/villain writing craft. In that time, I released a number of webcomics, including The Poptastic League and Retail (which later rebooted to Departmental). I also began writing comic book reviews for Women Write About Comics, Isotropic Fiction and Word of the Nerd.

Eventually I teamed up with longtime friend and fellow creative-type Jay Mooers to found Eden Park Tales. I began editing his Autumn Grey series and together we put together A Planet’s Cry, my first foray into writing a comic book. After that, I couldn’t stop making comics.

Which led me to form Joy Cat Comics with Mr. Mills in order to produce Gamer Girl & Vixen. The graphic novel was successfully funded on Kickstarter and will be available December 2016. Pre-order your copy today!