Outrage, thy name is NBC

I get it, NBC. Tina Fey is your bread and butter. With her and 30 Rock, you feel pretty much invincible and, as such, can do whatever you want to your mid-season lineup. And I suppose I can see why you would drop a show like Community in favor of Tina Fey’s proven formula. Community can be hit or miss with a general audience. And it’s first episode of the third season was a little awkward. But the thing is, NBC, one off episode is no reason to abandon another of your quirky comedies. Especially when you have other options. As much as I actually enjoy Whitney and Up All Night, they are both only in the beginning of their first seasons. You had no problem dropping Playboy Club after three episodes (another decision I was a little disappointed in, but I accept that perhaps NBC was the wrong station for that particular story). Why take away Community, which has lasted three seasons so far? It’s earned the right to at least finish the season. John Goodman has proved to be an interesting villain and I want to see what is ultimately so sinister about air conditioning school.

Don't be deceived; they only wreck up the school once a year.

It has a few missteps, sure. I don’t quite understand how Britta went from social activist to pot-head blithering idiot or why Shirley turned into an outrageous God freak. I’m not a hundred percent sure why Annie has had romantic involvement with the three young male leads. Why force minor character SeƱor Chang into more than just a bit part (thanks, The Hangover)? I know a big part of the show’s charm is that these characters are really caricatures of the types of people you find in community college but sometimes I think that the obnoxiousness of some of these “undertones” can put off viewers who haven’t seen what these characters were like prior to that shift in tone.

And then there’s the educational rapping.

There is the possibility of it being brought back, if enough people reach out. It’s a slim chance, but if we, the viewers, let NBC know that we want Community to stay. Tell NBC that we like the softer side of Joel McHale and the wacky antics of Donald Glover and Danny Pudi. Tell NBC that Chevy Chase’s blatant everything-ism isn’t putting you off. Tweet #savegreendale, contact NBC, and like Community on Facebook. Show the world that you are a Greendale Human Being and that you won’t let this quirky, fun show get cancelled permanently.